from Doodle to Droodle ( for ashimakumar )

Hello everyone, I want to present a study on the status of animals in the philosophy of René Descarte … no I’m kidding.
I just discovered a very interesting blog about drawing. More precisely this blog is about doodle.( )
This blog and the works shown there remind me of the droodle. It is useless to present to the readers of the United States or the English-speaking countries what is a droodle. For other readers it must be remembered that the word droodle is a neologism. the word is formed by the fusion of the words doodle and riddle. It is thus a drawing that presents a scene that is not recognizable because the configuration of the objects is too simplified in other words it is a visual riddle. This is a type of economic and rigorous design. You can not use colors. Every form must be reduced to a geometrical figure.
It takes the minimum of geometric shapes. This type of drawing was invented by Roger Price. The droodle is not a puerile game. To draw a droodle raises the fundamental question: how is it that we recognize a face or a house while the form is incomplete, seen from a new angle of view? In addition it is possible to make a link with the Neo Geo paintings & drawings  of the American painter Peter Halley (1953) whose works also presents phenomenon of recognition “infra thin” to use the term of the ” french ” American artist Marcel Duchamp. The imperceptible is the only thing left when everything has been removed … volumes, details, shadows and lights and textures.

Sorry for the heretic googllized übersetzung


I present you a droodle to pay homage to doodle designers.


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